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Level up your skills with the National Film and Television School

Join the game changers of tomorrow and unlock your creative potential with the
National Film and Television School (NFTS)! Offering two dynamic games courses, students learn the practical skills to design, devise and build games, from inception to delivery, in a unique and innovative environment.

Studying at one of the world’s leading film schools offers a safe and nurturing environment for students to push creative and technological boundaries, encouraging them to experiment with their game development. Alumni of the two-year
Games Design and Development MA course have gone on to forge successful paths in the industry and many have been recognised with key awards including the Yugo Student BAFTA for Games, Game Development World Championships (GDWC) Student Game Awards, MCV Women in Games Rising Star Development Awards, and have been named in the MCV/DEVELOP ‘30 under 30’ list.

Collaborating with other students from across the School, you will be working alongside film, television and animation practitioners, developing creative and technical skills in games design, code, art, animation, production, audio and interface. In a uniquely creative environment, students are actively encouraged to benefit from numerous collaborative opportunities across our production studios – from composers and sound designers to marketing and distribution students. At the NFTS, you’ll not only learn how to create games, but how to release them and promote them across indie games and Triple-A.

The NFTS Certificate in Indie Games Development is a six-month, part-time programme designed to provide participants with a 360 degree understanding of indie games development. This certificate, conducted entirely online, covers six modules that comprehensively train students in the foundations of games design, the creative process, technical development, promotion and distribution.

The course offers participants unparalleled access to some of the best game development teachers in the world, providing invaluable advice on CV building, pursuing their chosen specialisms or applying for further study at the NFTS or elsewhere.

Alan Thorn, course leader said; “Indie games development is an exciting space to be! Small companies and independent creators can find a unique voice for themselves, by creating games that they care deeply about. Every day we are surrounded by creative technology, empowering us in so many ways. This six-month online course helps you get started at utilising these tools. It helps you quickly establish your business to find success in making your own video games.”

Ready to level up your game development skills? Visit the NFTS website for more information and start your application today. Get ready to unleash your creativity and embark on an unforgettable journey in the world of indie games!

National Film and Television School

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