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The Importance of Having a Press Kit

Why is having a press kit important?

When developing your first game, it’s easy to overlook the essentials needed for marketing. Whether you’re building an initial follower base, preparing for a demo, or months away from release, realising too late that you need a press kit can cost you valuable coverage. If there’s no visible way for the media to contact you, you might miss out on essential opportunities. This is why having a press kit is crucial for solo indie game developers or studios.

When is the best time to have a press kit?

We believe that the optimal time to make an impact with your game marketing in any publication is within 3-6 months of your release date. Earlier than that, you risk burning your marketing bridges for future coverage in the same publication unless there’s ongoing content to cover. While you might not always control when you’re featured, you can control the flow by timing the release of your press kit. 

Having a press kit will also enable you to concentrate more on game development, sparing you the repetitive task of providing necessary materials each time you’re contacted for coverage. You’ll only need to update the press kit with new visuals as your game evolves. However, avoid creating one too soon, as frequent updates can also divert your attention away from game creation and we feel that your best work should always be shown when you are ready to market your game in full. While getting into a publication should be on your radar, building up wishlists through development updates and a demo will often take precedence.

How do I present my press kit?

Hosting your press kit with a detailed information PDF/document on platforms like Google Drive or Dropbox, or making the files downloadable via your website is advisable. Avoid sending press kits via email, as it can be time-consuming for publications to save each image individually and manage large file sizes, especially if they include trailers or gameplay videos. Multiple emails for a single press kit are far from ideal.

What information do you need in a press kit?

A comprehensive press kit should include:

  • Title: The name of your game.
  • Short Description: A brief overview of your game.
  • Long Description: A detailed description of your game, its story (if applicable), and some of the features in a summary.
  • Store Links: Links to any online stores where your game is available.
  • Demo Availability: Information on whether a demo is available.
  • Release Date: The expected release date or a general timeline if the exact date is unknown.
  • Features: A full list of current game features, but in detail.
  • Images: 6-20 images, preferably 1920×1080 in size or 3840×2160 as an option.
  • Trailer/Gameplay Video: A YouTube link or optional MP4 files, as publications may prefer to use their own YouTube channels.
  • Social Media Links: Twitter page, developer/studio page, and game page on your website (if applicable).
  • Genre: The categories your game falls into (e.g., Action, Platform, Adventure).
  • Developer or Studio Name: The name of the developer or studio.
  • Publisher Name: If you have a publisher, include their name; if not, list the developer/studio name again.

A well-organized press kit not only saves you time but also ensures that publications and content creators have all the information they need to promote your game effectively. By preparing a detailed and accessible press kit, you increase your chances of gaining coverage and building anticipation for your game’s release.

If you have a press kit, don’t forget to submit your game to us for some marketing.

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