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Developer Mateo Covic creates Mario Kart-inspired racing game in one week!

In an exciting update to the indie game development community, Mateo, the talented developer behind “Makis Adventure” and “Rogue Jungle,” has shared his latest ambitious project: a Mario Kart-inspired racing game developed in just one week. The announcement, made via a post in our LinkedIn group and on X (formerly Twitter), has received widespread enthusiasm and support.

Mateo recounted the inspiration behind this rapid development challenge. “I played a lot of Mario Kart with my brother… then he challenged me to develop my own racing game in one day.” Rising to the challenge, Mateo spent a full day crafting the initial prototype to get a fun car movement done, create a test circuit (with shortcuts), and program the basic game loop. “That’s my result after about ten hours of development!”

The initial prototype quickly caught the attention of his followers on Twitter, where it received a flood of positive feedback. Encouraged by the enthusiastic response, Mateo decided to expand on this prototype and commit to developing a more polished version within a week.

Mateo’s planned enhancements are ambitious yet promising, including the addition of two extra race tracks, a home menu, sound effects and music, and both online and local multiplayer modes. In a remarkable gesture, the game is going to be to released for free, ensuring that a broad audience can enjoy this creation.

This rapid development journey is a testament to Mateo’s skills and passion for game development.  Previous titles, “Makis Adventure” and “Rogue Jungle,” have already established him as a creative and capable developer. Now, with this new racing game, Mateo aims to bring the same level of excitement and enjoyment that has made Mario Kart a beloved classic.

As we eagerly await the game’s release next week, Mateo’s project stands as a shining example of what can be achieved with dedication, creativity, and a touch of brotherly competition.   

We will create a further post on Mateo’s game once it has been released.

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