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IGD Website Update v1p01

We’ve recently implemented some changes to the core layout of the IGD front page, ensuring consistency remains across each content category until other areas of the website are launched. Our focus remains on showcasing featured and recently added games, whilst promoting them effectively.

Game Pages

Each game page now supports links to 12 different stores that your game may be published under, including; Steam, Epic Games, GOG, Itch, Microsoft, Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo, META, Google Play Store, and the Apple Store. Additionally, our own store is also included, should we choose to pursue that avenue in the future.

Game pages feature a sidebar displaying all related content for each game. Clicking on the title or logo will now conveniently redirect you back to the main content page for the game.

Developer Central

The layout for Developer Central has been finalised, and you can expect to see an influx of new content being posted on the site over the next few weeks.

Search Functionality

Both the IGD core website and Developer Central now have their own self contained search functionalities, deliberately kept separate to maintain a clear distinction between gaming and development content. However, we will cross-reference content or links when necessary.

Banner Advertising

We’ve made a conscious decision to avoid overwhelming the website with paid or third-party advertising banners. Instead, we opted for content marketing packages with minimal banners for greater coverage. Currently, only one sidebar banner is displayed per page, excluding game and official IGD pages. Additionally, on the front page of Developer Central, one banner is shown every 12 content links for advertising related to game development.

Tablet and Mobile Layout changes

We’ve improved on the tablet and mobile versions of our website to ensure that the content is tidy.  Further improvements will be made to replace the featured carousel on mobile so that the content loads quicker in the next update.

Recently Updated Games Page Added

We’ve added a recently updated games page where you can find out which games have  updated content.

Exciting website enhancements are in progress, geared towards boosting our website’s visibility. While these updates may not warrant a dedicated blog post, we will give them a mention in the next update.

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